About Us

One more for Jesus! One more for Jesus! Just gotta save one more for Jesus!


Our Team

Currently, our team consists of my lovely wife Beverly and myself. However, our vision is to partner with others who feel just as passionate and driven by their calling to fulfill God's purpose for their lives as well. We imagine this website becoming a catalyst that provides others an opportunity to encourage, to grow, and to develop their spirituality for fulfilling the great commission set forth by Jesus Christ our Lord. We would also love to be a part of that journey!

Our Story

About 15 years ago while living in Seattle, Washington, God touched my life in such a way that I became changed forever … for the best. The life I had lived prior to that had been a emotional and spiritual rollercoaster. Although I had received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I was still plagued by my carnal nature and my pride of life.

God decided that my pride was something he simply could not use to mold me into what he wanted me to be and how I could fulfill his purpose for my life. He didn't want to hurt my pride. He wanted to kill it, so he did. God sent me back home to Atlanta, GA where he is continuing to use me as part of his street ministry of devoted soldiers in the army of the Lord. Currently, I'm operating under the spiritual covering of my church home Elizabeth Baptist Church.

This website stands as a testimony to the awesome power of God to break every chain, lift every burden, calm every storm, and supply every need. The mission of this website is to share that with you so that you too can become a living testimony of God's boundless power!